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Real-time PCR (Real-time polymerase chain reaction, 실시간 중합효소연쇄반응)중앙공동기기센터

Real-time PCR

Real-time PCR (Real-time polymerase chain reaction, 실시간 중합효소연쇄반응)
장비 한글명 실시간 중합효소연쇄반응 Equipment RT-PCR
(Real-time polymerase chain reaction)
Model Light Cycle 96 Maker Roche
Purchase Year 2017 Location Room 722, NIX
Researcher Jeong Wan Park Tel e-mail :
Tel.: 031-229-8666
Fees Inside University Use: 20,000 won per time/ 20,000 plate
Outside University Use: 40,000 won per time/ 20,000 won per plate
Application Field - Quantification of DNA and RNA, Analysis of expression pattern of microRNA
Principles and Characteristics It applies a combined probe between a primer and fluorescence dye to the target DNA sequence, amplifies PCR and measures the degree of fluorescence. It then reveals the presence of the target DNA and the amplification of DNA in quantity simultaneously.
Standard Features ■ Plate-based real-time PCR system with 96-well block
■ Temperature gradient
■ 4-plex multicolor
■ Runtime of less than 1 hour
■ Applications
Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, Endpoint Genotyping,
Melting Curve Analysis

Chemi Doc (젤 이미지시스템)중앙공동기기센터

Gel 이미지 시스템

Chemi Doc (젤 이미지시스템)
장비 한글명 젤이미지시스템 Equipment Chemi Doc
Model ChemiDoc-It2 Maker UVP Inc.
Purchase Year 2016 Location Room 722, NIX
Researcher Jeong Wan Park Tel e-mail :
Tel.: 031-229-8666
Fees Inside University Use: 5,000 won per figure
Outside University Use: 10,000 won per figure
Application Field ■ Chemiluminescence
■ Western, Nothern, Southern Blots
■ Fluorescent Gels
■ Colorimetric Gels
Principle and Characteristics It is an equipment to obtain its image using CCD camera, when Chemiluminescence is generated by treating ECL with Gel or Membrane.
Basic specification: ■ Up to 7.3 megapixels with a base of 2.1 million pixels
■ Zoom lens: Electric or manual control available
■ 4 types of filter can be installed (EtBr filter is installed as standard)
■ Transmitted light source: UV
■ Reflected light source: white light

Absorbance Microplate Readers (마이크로플레이트리더)중앙공동기기센터

Microplate reader

Absorbance Microplate Readers (마이크로플레이트리더)
장비 한글명 마이크로플레이트리더 Equipment name Absorbance Microplate Readers
Model Epoch (VT05404-0998) Producer BioTek
Purchase year 2016 Installation location # 722 NIX(Next Innovation Xroard)
Manager Jungwan Park Contact e-mail :
Tel : 031-229-8666
Fees Inside basic charge: 10,000, 6,000/plate
Outside basic charge: 10,000, 10,000/plate
Field of application ■ ELISA
■ Enzyme Kinetics
■ Nucleic acid quantification
■ Cell proliferation
■ Cytotoxicity
Principle and characteristic Light from a light source is monochromated by a monochromatic spectral light source and is transmitted through a sample solution to convert the intensity of transmitted light into an electrical signal to measure the absorbance of the sample.
Basic specification ■ Wavelength : 200 – 999 nm
■ Detection modes : Absorbance
■ Read methods : Endpoint, Kinetic, Spectral scanning, Well area scanning
■ Microplate types : 6- to 384-well plates
■ Shaking : Not available