Organic Analysis

UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer(자외선/가시광선/근적외선 분광광도계) 신소재융합기기센터

자외선/가시광선/근적외선 분광광도계

UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer(자외선/가시광선/근적외선 분광광도계)
장비 한글명 자외선/가시광전/근적외선 분광광도계 Equipment UV/Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer
Model Lambda 750 Maker Perkin Elmer
Purchase Year 2017 Location Room 719, NIX
Operator Ji Sook Kim Tel e-mail:
Tel.: 031-229-8665
Fees Inside University Use: 10,000 won per hour
Outside University Use: 20,000 won per hour
Application Field It can make either property or amount analysis by measuring optical density, penetration and reflex ratio with injecting light source to the sample through ultraviolet ray, visible ray and near-infrared ray.
Principle and Characteristics It uses optical density to make an analysis of property and amount.
Standard Features Temperature range: 15~35℃
Operating range: 190~3300nm