Components of a property of matter

TGA(Thermogravimetric Analyzers, 열중량분석기)신소재융합기기센터


TGA(Thermogravimetric Analyzers, 열중량분석기)
장비 한글명 열중량분석기 Equipment TGA
(Thermogravimetric Analyzers)
Model TGA4000 Maker Perkin Elmer
Purchase Year 2017 Location Room 719, NIX
Operatior Ji Sook Kim Tel e-mail:
Tel.: 031-229-8665
Fees Inside University Use: 20,000 won per sample (Gas fees: 5,000 won)
Outside University Use: 40,000 won per sample (Gas fees: 10,000 won)
Application Field It measures changes in mass according to function of time or temperature by applying the temperature program to the sample.
Principle and Characteristics It makes an analysis with pursuing changes in mass by application of heat.
Standard Features Temperature: amb℃~1000℃
Heating Rate: 0.1℃/min~200℃/min
Sense of Balance: 0.2㎍
Maximum Sample: 1500㎎
Cooling Velocity: 1000℃ to 100℃ <8min