USW Share Equipment Center was

found on October in 2018 to make USW a global level research institute through promotion of researches and support of industry-university cooperation upon the University re-foundation. It supplies high-tech analytical equipments for various research departments to found the NIX. It also produces powers for future growth through cooperation of such new technologies as NT, BT and IT, and supports related researches and education. It is managed by cooperation of New Material Fusion Equipment Center, so-called Central Joint Equipment Center and Three Dimensional Mass Material Fusion Measurement Center.

New Material Fusion Equipment Analysis Center

The center was established to support industry-university research, to supply the University with analysis equipment for launching of new business in nano-fusion field and foster experts in these research areas through joint use of analysis equipments inside and outside the University. It also aims to be a leader in analysis of basic science fusion technology through support of interdisciplinary researches by way of organic and inorganic nano-material analysis service and cultivation of experts in new technologies with high-tech equipments and facilities. Finally, it supports of commercialization of researches and foundation of medium and small size companies through sharing of research equipments.

Central Share Equipment Center (provisional name)

The University began the establishment of the center on September in 2017 and opened to faculty and staff members on March in 2018. It aims to manage equipments scattered in various places in the University in a more systematic fashion and to prompt their joint use of research infra among many research centers. It consists of three research labs, Microbial Lab, Zooblast Lab, and Analytical Equipment Lab and is operated by the center staff in reservation and management of equipments. It also aims to become the one of the top 3 centers in Gyenggi province with specialization of education and researches in bio-chemical engineering through application of equipments of the center.

Center For Intelligent 3-Dimensional Measurement

The life cycle of current manufactured projects is getting shorter and shorter and their development span is also rapidly shortened. Accordingly, benchmarking of rival company’s products and original design through reverse engineering become competitiveness in future industry. There are many local companies in manufacturing of machine components, semiconductor equipments and plastic equipments through transformation and injection molding design. They are required to use more precise and developed measurement and design techniques than present ones. The center aims to support local companies and factories in having competitiveness in technology and related education despite changes in industrial environment through application of equipments.